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At The Courts, we love basketball!


Basketball has been a fundamental aspect of our sports facility since being established in 2000. Since then, our facility has been "Where The Teams Play" in leagues and tournaments with other teams from the area. Our facility provides a quality place for kids to play in southwest Missouri, offering basketball leagues for players from kindergarten to high school. Each summer we also host the ever-popular College/Pro-Am league featuring many current and former local college student-athletes from Missouri State University, Drury University, College of the Ozarks, and Evangel University.


As part of our mission to provide a quality place to enjoy playing team sports with others, the basketball courts at our sports facility combine safety and state of the art design, making them the best courts in the area. Our basketball courts were updated in 2011 using the same court flooring system used by many NBA teams.
We regularly maintain and update our basketball courts to ensure The Courts is the best facility in southwest Missouri. Each court meets national size regulations with clearly marked boundaries and lines. Our state-of-the-art basketball goal system can be adjusted according to the grade level of the league that is playing.
"I have coached my daughter's and Son's teams at the Courts exclusively since my daughter was in Kindergarten. I have always found the Courts to be about the kids. I can truly say that in all my dealings with Chris and Shane that they have always without fail done the right thing for the kids no matter what the situation was or how much extra work it involved on their end. I always found that priceless and why I always chose to play at the Courts."
-Lew Beckham, MBA, CFER


Team sports are fun and exciting, but they also provide camaraderie among kids. Have you ever thought of the many benefits of playing team sports such as basketball and volleyball? Besides being a ton of fun and a great way to stay active, participation in team sports helps kids build social and teamwork skills.
A few great benefits of participation in team sports are building confidence, consistent exercise, builds relationships and friendships, contributes to stronger academics, gains an understanding of winning and losing, teaches respect and sportsmanship, and encourages family involvement.
Good sportsmanship is a cornerstone of team play at The Courts. We encourage sportsmanship in everyone who comes into our facility, not just the players. The coaches and audience are also required to treat everyone with respect both on and off the court. The Courts is a safe place for children and youth to play basketball with others, and a high level of respect and sportsmanship is fundamental to the sport.


If you are interested in playing basketball for a team at The Courts, we can help! The Courts has several teams at different skill levels that offer players currently looking for a team an opportunity to play.
"From elementary all the way through college I played hundreds of basketball games at the courts. I always had a positive experience and am so thankful for the opportunity I had to play there. I have also now coached many games at The Courts and will continue to. It is a special place and I hope to continue to make great memories there!"
-Megan Henry, Willard JH Girls Coach


If you are interested in playing basketball at The Courts, we have several options available! Teams can take part in one of our leagues or participate in one of the tournaments that are hosted at our sports facility. We also have opportunities for individuals who want to play but don't currently have a team. Learn more about our basketball leagues and basketball tournaments at The Courts!


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